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Even more 15 things about me

 I’ve written two posts about myself (links after), with 15 items in each post, here are some more random things about me:

  • I moved to NC from MN when I was 21 to attend college, I had $60 in my pocket and a car full of clothes. I drove the 21 hours straight with only a 2 hour nap at a rest stop.
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue. I have a smaller than normal gap between my nose and mouth (and maybe a long tongue).
  • I like peanut M&Ms.
  • Country music is my favorite most of the time, but I will go through periods of listening to only rock, then switch back to country.
  • When my kids were teenagers, I listened to all the music they listened to. I would grab their CDs and copy them, then listen to the CDs in my car. I found some new favorites and also encouraged my kids to stop listening to some music.
  • Sandi and I setup a rewards program for school grades for our two children when they started elementary school. For each “A” they would receive whatever grade they were in, so for 3rd grade they would get $3. For a “B” they received $1 and for a “C” they owe me an A. Of course, I didn’t think about when they would be in 12th grade (5 “A”s at $12), but it worked out and both kids did really well in school, I seldom saw a “C”.
  • After visiting Italy, I have a hard time finding really good pizza.
  • I like to photograph toy cars and have well over 140 photographed. Here’s a link if interested:
  • I was the class clown in elementary school, mostly because the teachers never caught me. Once will giving a presentation, I had to walk behind the teacher, I did the King Tut dance while behind her (it was popular at the time). The classroom roared, but I stopped before she saw me and gave the presentation.
  • I like pancakes. My grandfather took me to a pancake breakfast at a firehouse when I was 10 or so. I ate 11 pancakes the size of a paper plate. My grandfather told the cashier they wouldn’t be making any money from me that day.
  • Before I was old enough to drive, I had a snowmobile safety license and boaters license. I could drive both snowmobiles and motor boats without an adult. Minnesota is awesome!
  • When I was young, I went fishing with just my grandfather, brother, and cousin for three days on Red Lake in northern Minnesota. We caught our limit of walleye on our first day!
  • Not counting my cellphone, I currently own four cameras, a Canon 6D, Canon 80D, Canon M5 and a Canon point and shoot (for concerts). The 6D is full frame and I use it for photographing houses for my wife, Sandi. The M5 is a great little mirrorless camera I use when I want to travel light. The 80D is new and I am very impressed with it. I bought the 80D for wildlife photography.
  • I’m currently listening to the album “Port Saint Joe” by Brothers Osborne in my car. I like it.
  • I have owned nine cars so far in my life (not counting family vans). Here’s a blog post about:

Well that’s it for this round.

Here are the other two posts of 15 things about me:

Here’s a shot of me with some of my photographs:

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