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Glowing Flowers, shoot in full sun

For me, I have a few photo tips that really help me. Just getting out a few times a week with my camera and taking a walk in the park or city helps me improve my skills. I tend to look at everything (Lauri has seen me do this and has said I don't miss much). Remember to look behind you (and up). The tip I wanted to share was shooting flowers in full sun. I really like the look of backlit flowers as they just glow.  I tend to bracket my shots, use a macro or zoom lens and find some flowers with the sun behind them. I normally have a small extension tube attached to get in even closer.  There are a few public gardens near me that have a ton of flowers, so this where I go for a lunch time walk. I process the files in lightroom, and combine the images using the photo merge HDR right click menu. Or I just chose one of the bracketed images, if I like it better than the HDR image. The first image below is the combines HDR image from a walk in Duke Gardens. In the second image, I used Topa