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WordPress and Photography

I've been using WordPress on and off for many, many years and really love the level of customization available. My current favorite theme is Customizr (see link below). One of the main reasons I like using WordPress and hosting my own site is that I have full control over all of the content. If G+ or Facebook change and my images are no longer available, it doesn't matter. And yes I have local and offsite storage for all of my photographs. Also all of my posts and links point to one site. I know WordPress isn't for everyone, it does take some work and knowledge. I have done web development, so I am comfortable editing behind the scenes code (HTML and CSS). I have found that more and more I just pick a really good theme and I don't have to do any code development. If you are interested in using WordPress for your site, check out my site and the Customizr site (links below). Cheers, Wade

Cars I Have Owned

  1972 Ford LTD My first car was a  green 1970 Ford LTD, I was 17 and the year was 1983. 1976 AMC Hornet My second car was a brown AMC Hornet. Both of my first two cars were hand me down cars from my father, which I paid for, but got a good deal on. 1980 Dodge Omni My first car purchase from a dealer was a cream Dodge Omni four door hatchback. 1986 Toyota Tercel When I married, I inherited a blue Toyota Tercel. This was one of the best cars I had driven, no problems and it was light and nimble. 1991 Chevy Beretta The first new car we bought as a family starting out was a red Chevy Beretta coupe. 1998 Nissan Truck In 1998, I was looking for a vehicle and Nissan had great lease deals on their pickup trucks so I leased a silver pickup for like $125 a month, with no money down. Crazy right? 2000 Ford Ranger After the lease on the Nissan ran out I switched to Ford and leased a white Ranger for $200 a month. 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser My second new car purchase was a navy blue PT Cruiser. This