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Cars I Have Owned

  1972 Ford LTD My first car was a  green 1970 Ford LTD, I was 17 and the year was 1983. 1976 AMC Hornet My second car was a brown AMC Hornet. Both of my first two cars were hand me down cars from my father, which I paid for, but got a good deal on. 1980 Dodge Omni My first car purchase from a dealer was a cream Dodge Omni four door hatchback. 1986 Toyota Tercel When I married, I inherited a blue Toyota Tercel. This was one of the best cars I had driven, no problems and it was light and nimble. 1991 Chevy Beretta The first new car we bought as a family starting out was a red Chevy Beretta coupe. 1998 Nissan Truck In 1998, I was looking for a vehicle and Nissan had great lease deals on their pickup trucks so I leased a silver pickup for like $125 a month, with no money down. Crazy right? 2000 Ford Ranger After the lease on the Nissan ran out I switched to Ford and leased a white Ranger for $200 a month. 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser My second new car purchase was a navy blue PT Cruiser. This