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15 Things About Me

  Here are 15 random things about me: I married my high school sweetheart (5 years after graduation and after 3 years apart). I am the only child in my family with a four year college degree and both of my kids have finished college and ware working full time. I worked full time while in college (paying my own way) and finished with no loans and no debt. I love to watch animated movies such as The Incredibles and Up! I write software that helps my company’s factories track inventory and gather engineering data. I have worked as a baker’s assistant, stock boy, restaurant host, waiter, bus boy, meat cutter (butcher), frozen food clerk, dairy department manager, cashier, materials coordinator (part buyer), programmer, web master, IT department manager, real estate photographer, software developer and database developer. My first two cars cost less than $600 combined. They were an AMC Hornet and a Ford LTD. I once hid in the back seat of a yellow Ford Gremlin in order to sneak into a drive