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Fozzie Bear

I've been playing around with Discord and Midjourney lately, so I thought I'd feed it an image of Fozzie Bear. Here is the starting image, that I took: Next I went to Discord and started MidJourney. Than I added the following prompt: /Imagine "C:\Users\wadeb\Downloads\fozzy bear lego.jpg" fozzie bear telling jokes in a hipster bar realistic This is what I got: Next I told Midjourney to make variations on image 2, top right bear This is what I got back: Next I choose number 2 again and had it upscale the image to the one below, my final image: I thought this was a quick fun exercise. Cheers, Wade

Midjourney on Discord

 More AI generated images Midjourney on Discord I tried two different prompts on Midjourney to create the images below. For the car I used this prompt: hot wheels car mod rod black background red reflection For the old man, I used my profile image with the lake behind me as a starting image. This is the prompt: old man You can see the variations I tried, plus the final images I picked as my favorite. I actually enjoyed seeing what others were creating as I was in a public chat room creating these images. Cheers, Wade  #ArtByWadeBrooks

Highlight Story For My Firm's Intranet Site

311 Gallery Showing in Raleigh NC   Some questions and answers for an upcoming story about my work and current gallery show. 1. How long have you been a photographer & artist, and what made you get started with this?  I started getting into photography in 2006 when I purchased a Canon digital DSLR to document my children's sports activities. I learned a lot taking images of those activities. I think the artistic side of photography came later, around 2010, when I started participating in a photography scavenger hunt. I've also always loved to draw and in college I did some oil painting. 2. Can you talk about the image that will be displayed in the gallery and what the inspiration behind it?  As a kid, I loved toy cars and Lego, so I was drawn back to these toys when thinking about scenes to photograph. I have a photography project called TheToyCarProject where I have over 300 images of toy cars, which I try to photograph as if they are real full size cars. This gallery

Canoes and Clouds

Fine Art Prints for Sale Starting at $18 Cheers, Wade #ArtByWadeBrooks #printsforsale #lakecrabtree #landscapephotography