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Highlight Story For My Firm's Intranet Site

311 Gallery Showing in Raleigh NC 

Some questions and answers for an upcoming story about my work and current gallery show.

1. How long have you been a photographer & artist, and what made you get started with this? 

I started getting into photography in 2006 when I purchased a Canon digital DSLR to document my children's sports activities. I learned a lot taking images of those activities. I think the artistic side of photography came later, around 2010, when I started participating in a photography scavenger hunt. I've also always loved to draw and in college I did some oil painting.

2. Can you talk about the image that will be displayed in the gallery and what the inspiration behind it? 

As a kid, I loved toy cars and Lego, so I was drawn back to these toys when thinking about scenes to photograph.

I have a photography project called TheToyCarProject where I have over 300 images of toy cars, which I try to photograph as if they are real full size cars. This gallery image is called Mod Rod, which is the actual name of the Hot Wheels car I photographed. In this case, I was pretending that the car was just delivered to my garage (or a dealership) and I was receiving the car.

3. What are your future goals as a photographer & artist? 

I am truly excited that my art is hanging in the 311 Gallery and I'm planning on doing more gallery shows next year. Ideally a solo show would be awesome! Another goal for me, is to build up my online presence in order to create more passive income. I also love learning new photography techniques and traveling. 

4. What projects are you currently working on? 

I have several photography projects that I work on every year, these include; photographing Lake Crabtree Park, Duke Gardens, downtown Durham and Raleigh and participating in the Photography Scavenger Hunt. Just to name a few.


  1. Awesome Wade! Congratulations again and it's exciting to see you and your work recognized.


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