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My Art is Showing at the Renaissance Center!

 Everyone, I have three images showing this month at the Renaissance Center in Wake Forest NC, below is a link. The show runs from March 7 to April 2. You can purchase my prints online at: Gallery Info here: Cheers, Wade
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39th Round of the Photography Scavenger Hunt

The  39th Round of the Photography Scavenger Hunt is over and below are my images and awards. "This round we through an extra challenge at the Scavengers. One word for all categories, but with 9 different composition tools/rules/guidelines." That word was Rose, btw. Overall I did really well this round and hope I can improve next round. Here are my entries for this round. High Key Lighting First Place by Laurie Aiello Honorable Mention from Jim Tang Fill the Frame Leading Lines Blue Hour Golden Ratio Honorable Mention from Robin Griggs Wood Honorable Mention from Nat Weaver Silhouette Honorable Mention from Jim Tang Honorable Mention from Robin Griggs Wood Honorable Mention from Nat Weaver Break the Rules Negative Space Honorable Mention from Robin Griggs Wood Framing Second Place from Laurie Aiello Pattern Honorable Mention from Nat Weaver See all the other entries here: Cheers, Wade #ArtByWadeBrooks #PhotographyScavengerH

Glowing Flowers, shoot in full sun

For me, I have a few photo tips that really help me. Just getting out a few times a week with my camera and taking a walk in the park or city helps me improve my skills. I tend to look at everything (Lauri has seen me do this and has said I don't miss much). Remember to look behind you (and up). The tip I wanted to share was shooting flowers in full sun. I really like the look of backlit flowers as they just glow.  I tend to bracket my shots, use a macro or zoom lens and find some flowers with the sun behind them. I normally have a small extension tube attached to get in even closer.  There are a few public gardens near me that have a ton of flowers, so this where I go for a lunch time walk. I process the files in lightroom, and combine the images using the photo merge HDR right click menu. Or I just chose one of the bracketed images, if I like it better than the HDR image. The first image below is the combines HDR image from a walk in Duke Gardens. In the second image, I used Topa

AI Generated Art for Scavenger Hunt Words

I wasn't able to take any photographs for round 38 of the great Photography Scavenger Hunt , so I thought I'd see what Midjourney AI could create for me. Here are the nine words from the Hunt with the bonus tenth word thrown in just for fun: Monster The AI Prompt was: a pile of clothes on a chair in a dark corner that resembles a monster, shadows --ar 4:3 --chaos 25 --v 5 Vessel The AI Prompt was: vessel, movie still --ar 5:4 --style raw --chaos 25 Treasure The AI Prompt was: treasure --ar 4:3 --chaos 25 --v 5.2 See The AI Prompt was: see, movie still --ar 5:4 --style raw --chaos 25 Flag The AI Prompt was: flag, movie still --ar 4:5 --style raw --chaos 25 Eight The AI Prompt was: eight, movie still --ar 5:4 --style raw --chaos 25  Code The AI Prompt was: code, movie still --ar 5:4 --style raw --chaos 25  Aquamarine The AI Prompt was: Aquamarine, monochrome, abstract, painting --ar 5:4 --style raw --chaos 25 Skull The AI Prompt was: animal skull, movie still --ar 5:4 --style raw

Dreaming of the Weekend

 I have been trying to improve my images by making them have a little bit of fantasy in them. I know we all like to escape from time to time. Here is my latest creation. Let me know what you think. Prints:

Poetry and the Midjourney AI

I have been testing out the Midjourney AI for a while now and have loved exploring what it can create from a simple prompt. You can see my creations and prompts on Instagram at @artbywadeai . Recently, I tried feeding the AI two of my poems and was very impressed with the results.  The first poem I gave the AI was my Sunshine Reaching one. Go take a look and then check out these great images. The prompt I used for the Midjourney AI was the text of the poem with the parameters --chaos 25 --ar 3:2 appended at the end as shown below: With rays of warmth, he embraces her soul. Arms, iron strong, surround their love. Sunshine reaching, fills the room. With feathered whispers, they embrace the day. --chaos 25 --ar 3:2 Here are the first images returned. From these, I choose the second and last to render as full size images or upscale. Here are those results. After this experiment, I gave the AI my Strength  poem and was very pleased with those results. Here is the full prompt for Strength:

Fozzie Bear

I've been playing around with Discord and Midjourney lately, so I thought I'd feed it an image of Fozzie Bear. Here is the starting image, that I took: Next I went to Discord and started MidJourney. Than I added the following prompt: /Imagine "C:\Users\wadeb\Downloads\fozzy bear lego.jpg" fozzie bear telling jokes in a hipster bar realistic This is what I got: Next I told Midjourney to make variations on image 2, top right bear This is what I got back: Next I choose number 2 again and had it upscale the image to the one below, my final image: I thought this was a quick fun exercise. Cheers, Wade