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Photography Scavenger Hunt Round 36

Well, Round 36 of the great photography scavenger hunt is now complete. I am proud to say that I received at least one honorable mention for each of the nine words. Which was a first for me and very exciting! Overall I received eleven honorable mentions (crazy!), one first place and two second place awards from the judges. 

I didn't have a theme for this round, but instead just played and had fun. Below are my nine images with the  judges awards.

If you would like to join us for the next round,  here is a link to sign up:

Judge Herb Hahn, 2nd Place
Judge Robin Griggs Wood, Honorable Mention
Judge Joanna Koziara, Honorable Mention

Judge Joanna Koziara, 2nd Place
Judge Robin Griggs Wood, Honorable Mention

Cluttered or Clean (I did Clean)
Judge Andi Thomas, Honorable Mention

Judge Herb Hahn, Honorable Mention

Judge Andi Thomas, Honorable Mention

Judge Andi Thomas, Honorable Mention
Judge Joanna Koziara, Honorable Mention

Judge Herb Hahn, Honorable Mention

Judge Andi Thomas, Honorable Mention

Judge Joanna Koziara, 1st Place
Judge Herb Hahn, Honorable Mention


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