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Creating something new by editing images from the past

 As photographers, we all have a collection of photographs we have taken over the past few days, months or years (I currently have around 144,000 photos from 15 plus years). And as photographers, we sometimes need to just take a break. This is not anything to worry about, even great artists take breaks. 

When I'm feeling like I don't want to create new photographic art (yes art!), I re-edit older images. I sometimes even find a few hidden gems in my catalog that I missed the first time. This month I didn't feel much like getting out, so I spent some time looking in my archives. I re-edited a few Italy pictures, flower pictures and currently working on some black and white images.

Another great reason to re-edit older images is that your editing style has probably changed. I like simple images with graphical designs. But this wasn't always the case. So if you feel like a break or just want to experiment and play, try re-editing some of your old images.

Here is a selection of some of my creations from this month.


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